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The largest man-made lake in the U.S. is Lake Mead, created by Hoover Dam.

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Stuck at home? Everyone climbing the walls? Well, Sci-Port’s here to try to help you fill the time with some quality programs and activities. Each week we will be reading to your young children, hosting and posting activities, demonstrations, and virtual tours to all the behind-the-scenes areas you haven’t seen before. Join us each day! For program details, click the links below. And don’t worry if you missed a program. Click the program areas downbelow to enjoy past activities and programs archived on our Youtube channel!


Week of 3-23 to 3-27

Tuesday, 3-24-2020

10:00 AM – PoP Storytime: Roaring Rockets & Straw Rockets activity
2:00 PM – Home Activity: Six Plant Parts

Wednesday, 3-25-2020

10:00 AM – PoP Storytime: Don’t Throw that Away! & Recycling activities
2:00 PM – Planetarium: All About the Sun

Thursday, 3-26-2020

10:00 AM – PoP StoryTime: Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site (Opposites) & Opposite Matching
2:00 PM – Home Activity: My Life as a Tree

Friday, 3-27-2020

10:00 AM – PoP Storytime: Beautiful Bugs & Scavenger Hunt activity
2:00 PM – Planetarium: Starry Night

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