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Did You Know?

Armadillos can walk underwater.

The IMAX Dome Theatre at Sci-Port is the only IMAX Dome Theatre in the state of Louisiana. IMAX’s large film format combined with a curved screen three stories tall means the audience doesn’t just watch a movie – they are immersed in it.

Currently Playing IMAX Shows:

Asteroid Hunters

Journey to the South Pacific

IMAX Showtimes:

Schedule is subject to change. Call (318) 424-3466 for more information.

Wednesday - Friday

11:00 Asteroid Hunters
3:00 Journey to the South Pacific




11:00 Asteroid Hunters
1:00 Journey to the South Pacific
3:00 Asteroid Hunters



All films are approximately 45 minutes in length. No late entries or reentries allowed.
Showtimes subject to change without notice.

Did you know…

the screen is made up of 244 perforated aluminium panels?

that the speakers for the theater are located behind the screen; even the ones that are behind you?

that the film passes through the projector at a rate of 330 feet per minute?

that 70mm IMAX film is 300% larger than the standard 35mm?

the IMAX Dome screen is 3 stories tall and 60 feet wide?

that the lamp that used in the IMAX is the same lamp at the Kennedy Space Center used to illuminate the space shuttle launch pads?

that the sub-bass produces a low frequency from 20-80Hz. These sounds are so low that they are felt more than heard?

that the luminance of one IMAX lamp is approximately 1.6 billion candles per square yard. That's about equal to that of the sun as viewed from the surface of the earth?

the lamp used in the IMAX uses a 15,000-watt liquid cooled short arc xenon lamp?

that the water used to cool the IMAX lamp flows at a rate of 8.5 gallons per minute at 100psi?