STEM Programs and Resources

A giraffe’s neck contains the same number of vertebrae as a human.

Standards-Based Programming​ and Resources

To assist teachers in engaging their students in the best possible learning experience, Sci-Port’s Education Team has crafted several learning programs and educator resources that connect to our programming, exhibits, and gallery experiences. These programs and resources may be used as discovery and introduction to concepts, in concept formation, or as part of the analysis and evaluation part of the learning curriculum. All programs have been aligned to the Louisiana Student Standards (LSSs.) (Note: Not all LSS listed will be covered in their entirety; a program may only focus on a portion of the standard.)

Live Demonstrations

Your students can be part of the action in our interactive demonstrations. All demonstrations can accommodate up to 60 students and are 30 minutes in duration.

Live Demonstrations Catalog

Grade(s)Program NameContentProgram Description
PreK - 6thAnimal Encounters
(dependent on available animals)
Life ScienceReserve an opportunity for your students to get up close and personal with some of Sci-Port’s furry and/or scaly friends!
PreK - 3rdStuffee’s LunchboxHealth & the BodyStuffee, our six-foot-tall blue-haired doll, shares his digestive system with your students. They will discover MyPlate, the USDA’s new healthy eating guidelines, by classifying the contents of Stuffee’s lunchbox.
PreK - 4thPop FizzChemical ChangesWitness crazy chemical reactions during this introduction to the three states of matter.
Students will observe chemical reactions and discover some combinations that create “pops” and “fizzes”. Students will also be introduced to different states of matter such as solid, liquid, and gas.
3rd - 5thFact of the MatterStates of MatterStudents will experience the four states of matter and understand that all matter in the world can be classified as a solid, liquid, gas, or plasma. The freezing point, boiling point, condensation, and sublimation of various substances will be demonstrated, as will phase changes of a number of selected substances.
3rd - 6thYoung Isaac NewtonLaws of MotionExplore and learn about Newton’s Three Laws of Motion. Students will participate by using everyday objects (a few unique to Sci-Port) to comprehend the meaning of each law.
5th - 8thWeather WorksWeatherLearn about the weather while watching us make clouds, rain, lightning, tornadoes, and other weather phenomena!

**Note: Hands-on interaction with animals depends on their health and availability.

Visiting the Planetarium

Your students can be part of the action in interactive programs or be WOW-ed by the programs in our digital Space Dome Planetarium. All programs in our planetarium can accommodate up to 60 students and are 30 minutes in duration.

Choose from the following

  • Movies feature pre-recorded narration and scenery

Programs cover a variety of subject matter within Earth and Space Science, Astronomy, and Physics.

Rules of the Space Dome

  • We ask that you quietly arrive with your students in a single-file line outside the Space Dome’s main entrance on the 1st floor of the Space Center.
  • If possible, arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled start time and wait for the Space Dome staff to assist you with seating.
  • Be courteous and minimize any distractions.
  • We ask that everyone refrain from using devices that emit light and/or sound during the course of the program.
  • Questions related to the topic are strongly encouraged but may not be answered due to time constraints.

Planetarium Program Catalog

Planetarium Movies

Grade(s)Movie TitleContentDescriptionDuration
PK- KOne World, One Sky: Big Bird's AdventureSun, Stars & MoonMade possible at Sci-Port by the Colleen J. Papai Memorial Fund
See how people all over the world are connected. With the help of Big Bird, Elmo and a new friend from China named Hu Hu Zhu, children will discover that everyone everywhere shares the same sky.
30 minutes
4th - 5th
8th - 12th
Secrets of the SunNuclear EnergyLearn the stellar forces at work within our star and the probes we have sent to discover its secrets.30 minutes
4th - 5th
8th - 12th
Cosmic SafariSpace Exploration & AdaptationsDiscover what living creatures might look like on a world very different from our own where they adapt to extreme environments.30 minutes
5th - 12thWonders of the UniverseCosmologyLearn about the life cycle of stars by traveling through our Solar System and into our galaxy, the Milky Way30 minutes
5th - 12thTwo Small Pieces of GlassTelescopes & Historical AstronomyLearn how telescopes work while exploring the night sky with an astronomer. The discoveries of popular astronomers will be explored as well as different bodies of the Solar System and Universe.30 minutes

Additional Programming Resources

Sci-Port’s education team has put together several resources that can help you maximize the experience for you and your students.

Goodman IMAX Dome Film Teacher Resource Guides

Gallery of Intrigue Resources