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Program Catalog

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Snowflakes can get as large as shoebox.

Sci-Port’s educational programs are easily integrated into the learning cycle. They may be used as discovery and introduction to concepts, in concept formation or as part of the analysis and evaluation part of a lesson. In an effort to assist you in meeting your curriculum needs, all Demonstrations have been aligned to the GLEs, Common Core Math and NGSSs*.

* Not all GLEs, Common Core Math and NGSSs listed will be covered in their entirety; a program may only focus on a portion of the standard.

Your group visit may include one small group program and one planetarium program*. Each program is 30 minutes in length. The suggested grade level is in parentheses. Each program can accommodate up to 60 people.

Please note we will do our best to accommodate your program selection but may not always be able to do so. Programs will normally take place between 10 AM and 2 PM on the day of your visit.

* Scheduling a requested program may not always be possible from March thru May due to the high volume of visits we typically experience during that time. If you strongly desire to have programs for your group visit, please let us know when reserving.


Grade(s)ContentProgram NameDurationProgram Description
DemonstrationsPre-School - 3rdHealth & the BodyStuffee’s Lunchbox30 minutesStuffee, our six-foot-tall blue-haired doll, shares his digestive system with your students. They will discover MyPlate, the USDA’s new healthy eating guidelines, by classifying the contents of Stuffee’s lunchbox.
5th -8thWeatherWeather Works30 minutesLearn about the weather while watching us make clouds, rain, lightning, tornadoes, and other weather phenomena!


DemonstrationsPre-School - 4thChemical ChangesPop Fizz30 minutesWitness crazy chemical reactions during this introduction to the three states of matter.
2nd- 9thElectricityElectricity Unplugged30 minutesStudents learn “hair-raising” lessons about static electricity, conductors, insulators and much more. (Second graders focus on static electricity only.)
3rd - 6thLaws of MotionYoung Isaac Newton30 minutesExplore and learn about Newton’s Three Laws of Motion.

**Note: Hands-on interaction with animals depends on their health and availability.