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Did You Know?

Biology is the study of life and living organisms

​Outreach Demonstrations offer fun, exciting, educational programs designed to spark interest and curiosity in students about different science topics that have been appropriately adapted for your group’s age level. All Outreach demonstrations are correlated to Louisiana State Standards and last about 30 minutes.

Time per program: 30 minutes        Accommodates: Up to 60         Fees: 1st Program $125, each additional consecutive program $100

  • Stuffee’s Lunchbox (PK-3rd) – Stuffee, our six-foot tall blue-haired doll, shares his digestive system with your students. They will discover MyPlate, the USDA’s new healthy eating guidelines, by classifying the contents of Stuffee’s lunchbox.
  • Pop Fizz (PK-4th) – Witness crazy chemical reactions during this introduction to the three states of matter.
  • Young Isaac Newton (3rd-6th) – Explore and learn about Newton’s Three Laws of Motion.