Statement on June 5th Reopening

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Sci-Port Discovery Center Recharged and Ready To Re-Open

New 12,000 square foot “Gallery of Intrigue” set to open June 5.

IMAX Theater and Space Dome Planetarium Special Dual Program opens May 29

SHREVEPORT, LA., May 11, 2020 – Sci-Port Discovery Center, a major regional attraction closed since the “stay at home” ruling in early March, will be reopening on June 5, 2020. This re-opening will include the new Gallery of Intrigue, but will also celebrate the return of six popular hands-on science displays after extensive refurbishing.  The ever-popular POP (Power of Play) gallery will also be re-opened.  And for those who can’t wait to get a little science back in their lives, Sci-Port Discovery Center’s IMAX Theater and the Sawyer Space Dome Planetarium will be a part of Sci-Port’s “soft” opening on May 29.

The May 29 partial opening celebrates the ten-year anniversary special edition of IMAX’ “Hubble” 30 minute movie that highlights the ongoing exploration of our own Milky Way Galaxy.   This is also the 30th year anniversary of the launch of the NASA Hubble Space Telescope that has been sending photographs to Earth the entire time it has been orbiting.   This film, that features Leonardo DiCaprio as the narrator, will show highlights of these spectacular photographs. Once guests leave the IMAX theater they will walk to the Planetarium for an additional show about outer space.  Pricing for this dual program is $8 per ticket, but Sci-Port members are $4.  Show times will be 11am (“Hubble”), 1pm (Super Dogs”) and 3pm (“Hubble”).  Tickets are available online thru the Sci-Port website,   Due to Covid-19 Phase I safety and social distancing precautions, only 45 tickets will be sold for each show time.


Sci-Port Executive Director, Dianne Clark, stated, “It has been a tough ten weeks being closed to the public, but just like a proton, we have been thinking positively and recharging behind the scenes to make Sci-Port an even more exciting and engaging science learning center.”

The new Gallery of Intrigue offers learning experiences for people of all ages and is a development that highlights science and the history of Northwest Louisiana. Entering thru a three dimensional train station, this explorative walk-thru gallery features different sections: Dockside (inspired by the steam wheelers, import and export business and the oil manufacturing industry), Inventors Mansion (a two story mansion façade based on the home of Captain Henry Miller Shreve). Cajun Cabin (inspired by the Louisiana Cajun culture), and the Audubon Sky and Cityscape 50’ tall mural which also houses the “Peek A Boo” section that entices guests to become bird watchers and identify indigenous birds of our region. This special Louisiana-themed area is sponsored by the Alta and John Franks Foundation and represents a unique partnership with the Caddo Lake Institute and the Louisiana Audubon Society.

This new gallery was designed by both local artists and the Syracuse, New York based company, Museum of Intrique, which specializes in realistic architectural props and immersive mind challenging entertainment thru the use of deductive and inductive reasoning skills and gamification. These experiential activities- named the “Adventures or Intrigue”  allow you to enjoy many areas of  Sci-Port as you create your own adventure and solve mysteries while you play, explore, solve riddles, and discover the 92,000 square feet of Sci-Port Discovery Center.

“We are thrilled that Sci-Port Discovery Center is entering this new style of learning thru role playing adventures that utilize our brand of unique learning experiences in Northwest Louisiana,” states Nicole Ginsburg, President of the Museum of Intrigue.

Sci-Port will be offering a variety of these mind challenging adventures that guests can select to solve as individuals or as a team; all lead by a professional storyteller.  These stories will focus on Louisiana influenced history and science such as “The Journal of John James Audubon” in which they are trying to find missing pages of John James Audubon’s famous journal that lead them to clue stations throughout Sci-Port Discovery Center

Another part of this grand re-opening is the ten year celebration of the IMAX “Hubble” movie narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. This special edition release documentary celebrates the ongoing exploration of space and will partner with Sci-Port’s Sawyer Space Dome Planetarium with a correlating space theme digital presentation.  This film will be available thru the summer.

As to the current Covid-19 situation, “Every possible social distancing protocol will take place to protect our staff and guests,” states Dianne Clark.  “We will provide ample hand sanitation stations, close unnecessary areas to limited public access,  require staff to wear protective equipment, encourage guests to wear protective equipment, have extra cleaning staff on hand to continuously monitor and sanitize our different spaces, and monitor the amount of guests in each part of Sci-Port.  In addition, we will extend the length of current memberships for the number of days we were closed to the public.

Due to social distancing protocols, Sci-Port will be limiting the number of people into each gallery section so they encourage going online to purchase tickets for the POP children’s area and the IMAX Dome Theatre in advance. Walk-in guests are welcomed as well; however, guests may be re-directed to exhibit areas to comply with capacity guidelines.   Tickets can be purchased at www.sci-port,org.

Exploration of Sci-Port Discovery Center, including the Gallery of Intrigue and one Adventures of Intrigue experience, is now included in Sci-Port’s $15 general admission fee (annual Sci-Port membership holders have free admission).  Additional adventures can be purchased for $5 each. The intriguing part of this new exhibit is that the adventures will be modified on a regular basis, encouraging participants to return often

Come get yourself recharged at SciPort.

“We look forward to having our Sci-Port friends, bothold and new, visit Sci-Port Discovery Center as we begin to renormalize our lives,” says Dianne Clark.


Admission Prices: (effective  June 5, 2020)

General Admission:  $15 (free to SciPort Annual Members)*

Annual Membership for a Family of Four: $250*

POP – Included in general admission price

IMAX Theater: $8

Tickets are available online via

*Please go online for additional pricing levels and discounts for military and seniors