Gallery of Intrigue

Are you ready to solve the Gallery of Intrigue?

The Gallery of Intrigue is an open air escape room, the difference is… “we don’t lock you in.” Use the entire Gallery of Intrigue as an open air escape room to solve your history-based adventure by answering puzzles, riddles, and mysteries using clues you find in the Gallery.

Typically, an Adventure will take 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete and is suggested for “children” ages 11-99.

The Gallery of Intrigue is made up of relics and replicas from Shreveport history dating back as far as 1835, when Capt. Henry Miller Shreve sailed into town on the Archimedes.

Take a tour through history on a scaled down model of his ship, the “Caddo Cabin” which is a trapper’s cabin that would have been used by Louisiana pioneer families, and an Inventor’s Mansion, complete with a secret hidden room.

Choose your adventure:

The Forgery

In the 1960’s, the Medici family of curators sold their museum’s art on the black market by creating forgeries to put in their place. They did this for over 40 years before being caught and arrested for their crimes in 2004. Learn how to identify forgeries on your own and then create your own
forgery to hang in our gallery.

The Robbery

“They’re” planning to steal a piece of art from our gallery. The only way to stop them? You steal it first and replace it with a fake piece. Be careful…don’t get caught!


The Journal of John James Audubon

An avid birdwatcher and artist, John James Audubon LITERALLY wrote the book on bird identification…if only we could find it! HELP!

The Great Raft

Capt. Henry Miller Shreve sailed into town before it was even a town! When he arrived, the river was blocked by The Great Raft, a monstrous log jam that created Caddo Lake. See what Capt. Shreve had to do to plan for and remove the Great Raft before the citizens chose to name the city in his honor.

The Blue Note

Louisiana is RICH with musical history. Learn a bit about that history as you come search the historical posters from musical performances from Shreveport’s past…and future.


Gallery of Intrigue General Admission: $8

This is in addition to the regular general admission ticket to Sci-Port or you can choose “Adventure Only” package and play as your exclusive admission.   


For more information about The Gallery of Intrigue or to discuss team building adventures for your business, contact reservations at or call (318) 424-3466.

Adventures at the Gallery of Intrigue


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