We are so excited to announce our partnership with the Shreveport regional arts council in our newest project “Bakowski Bridge of Lights”. Sci-Port will be used as the training venue for this, we proudly own the best view of the bridge in town. This project will train and direct participating students to create light shows that will be displayed in LED lights on the Texas St bridge in downtown Shreveport. The students will learn light design, coding principles and artistic concepts such as storytelling through light.


Sci-Port has contributed towards the fabrication of the scale model that will be housed in our solarium for training. Sci-port is one of four esteemed key stake holders to such a fulfilling and welcomed change in Shreveport. This program is going to expand the knowledge of career paths for our students varying from 5-th grade- college students. Did you know there was a designated career field for bridge lighting? We sure did not until we made this gratifying collaboration. Our anticipation is that Sci-port will have the ability to exclusively train any students that might hold an interest in this career field in the future. What an amazing opportunity for our future work force!

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