Left to right:
Greg Andrews, Sci-Port Planetarium Manager; Stacy Williams, Jr., Director/Chairman of the Noel Foundation Investment Committee; Merritt B. Chastain, Director/President of the Noel Foundation; Delton Smith, Director/Vice President of the Noel Foundation; Dianne Clark, Sci-Port Executive Director; Luke Lee, Project Designer/Fusiform Owner.


Sci-Port Discovery Center is pleased to announce the receipt of a $36,000 grant recently awarded by the Noel Foundation.  The generous award will be used to upgrade Sci-Port’s “fan favorite” solar system exhibit which has been on display since the opening of the Space Dome in 2006!  With the multitude of technology advancements now available for hands-on interactive exhibit design, Sci-Port is preparing to launch an all-new, technologically advanced exhibit!  Fusiform owner, Luke Lee, is working with Sci-Port staff members to develop a state-of-art, highly interactive, educational experience.  Please follow Sci-Port as they journey into a new era of space exploration.

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