Game-Port Coding outreach began in June with visits to local organizations’ enrichment camps. For the month of July, we have been visiting SPAR day camp sites throughout Shreveport.  The summer Game-Port coding outreach program is happening through a partnership between Sci-Port and  Shreve Memorial Library.

Above is a Cue Robot one of the many different robots the summer participates coded and worked with.

The Shreve Memorial Library’s outreach staff and SciPort staff have worked together to create interactive coding activities using both unplugged (offline) and online activities to help youth understand basic coding concepts. Activities have included unplugged games like “Coder Says” and “Code A Dance” with partners, as well as coding the snap-together Code-a-pillar robot with younger youth. Older youth enjoyed coding the Cue robot to change colors, change expressions, make sounds, and move. The youth had the opportunity to develop their collaboration skills and resiliency as teams iterated their code to have robots achieve the objectives! The culminating coding activities including programming robots to complete specific moves or a race.

Staff at each of the sites have commented on how much fun the youth have had learning to code!

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