“In time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future.  Those who have finished learning find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.” 

– Eric Hoffner

It is difficult to imagine our community without Sci-Port Discovery Center as a strong education and tourism asset, but the Center was once facing permanent closure. This last year has been a time for reflection and learning.  Like the resurgence of the brown pelican, Louisiana’s state bird, Sci-Port has successfully recovered from the threat of extinction. Science brought the pelicans back to Louisiana, and science is why Sci-Port is thriving today!

We are grateful to our community and partners for the support, encouragement and contributions which have enabled our successes.  It is extremely rewarding to talk with visitors who experienced Sci-Port in their youth and are now sharing a very similar experience with their children.  As Louisiana’s ONLY science center, we remain committed to our mission to provide lifelong, STEM-based learning opportunities for all ages.

You can expect some exciting upgrades and additions at Sci-Port as we prepare for the coming year. We have recently completed an upgrade of the lighting, seating and carpeting in the IMAX Dome Theatre, the ONLY dome theatre in Louisiana

This month, we unveiled a unique exhibition designed by local artists entitled, “Sno-Port: The Science of a Snowflake” that will be featured through the end of January 2020. It gives visitors of all ages the opportunity to morph into a snowflake as they enter through a blizzard tunnel, make a snowflake, fish in a digital ice pond, ride a snow chair lift, toss snowballs into a snow castle, use ice blocks to make unique creations, discover the inner workings of a giant now globe, and ride a “flying” rocket sled that will trek its way through a virtual reality blizzard in downtown Shreveport and Bossier City.  The activities all touch on aspects of STEM-based learning.

In February of 2020, we plan to unveil a new experience for guests of all ages in the area once referred to as the Red River Gallery. Local designers and a New York production crew are helping us transform this space into the Gallery of Intrigue.   Here, as our guest, you will board a train, get your suitcase with an adventure assignment, and head off for a variety of interactive adventures that will feature ever-changing STEM-based challenges.  Visitors will experience the Captain Shreve inventor’s mansion, the Audubon nature cabin, and the Cypress Lake swamp—each designed to educate and inspire explorers of all ages.

And….don’t tell anyone…but next year we are also planning a very special homecoming for some of the exhibits you once loved.  Did someone ask about the nailbed?  Watch for details coming soon!