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To schedule your party,
call (318) 424-8660.

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Download, print and cut out your own FREE Birthday Blast Invitations for your party!

  • Sheet Cake - Decorated to match your theme. $24 for quarter sheet came or $40 for a half sheet cake. Add your child's picture on the cake for $10 more.
  • Cupcakes - $10 a dozen
  • Ice Cream Toppings - $5 each (serves 25) M&M's, Reese's Pieces, gummy bears, or sprinkles
  • Flavored Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Ice Cream - $10 (serves 25) chocolate or strawberry
  • Hot Dog and Chips Platter - $30 (serves 10). Includes mustard, ketchup, relish condiment packages, plus a bag of potato chips. Additional hot dogs/chips $3.50 each
  • Kid Friendly Sandwich Platter - $30 (serves 10). Mix and match finger-sized sandwich choices: turkey and cheese and/or ham and cheese.
  • Fruit Cups - $15 (serves 10) - additional fruit cups $1.50 each
  • Soft Drinks - $4 per pitcher (serves 10) Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke, Coke, Sprite
  • Pizza - $17 cheese, $19 pepperoni, $21 specialty (16 slices) - proudly serving Papa Murphy's Pizza
  • Fruit Tray - $20 fruit on tray will depend on fruit in season
  1. All parties must be PAID IN FULL before they are scheduled.
  2. You may bring your own cake; however, no other food or drinks are allowed in the Center. 
  3. Adding party upgrades or changing the theme of your party must be done at least seven days before your scheduled party.
  4. All food orders (including Add-Ons) must be placed no later than 5 p.m. on the Wednesday before your scheduled party.
  5. Helium balloons are NOT allowed in the Center.

Birthday Blasts Include:

  • All-day admission to Louisiana’s Science and Space Center OR Power of Play (POP) Children’s Museum
  • One and a half hours of fun in your own party area.
  • Staff-led themed activities for party guests.
  • Sci-Port's famous Liquid Nitrogen ice cream "churned" before your eyes!
  • A gallon of lemonade.
  • A party favor for each party guest.

Your party package is a great value!

Sci-Port Members: $199, Future Members: $225
  • Prices are for 10 children, which includes the honoree and one chaperone per party guest. Two parents of the honoree are free of charge.
  • All parties must be booked no later than one week prior to event.
    There is a $50 fee with less than 10 days cancellation notice.

  • $14 per extra child WITH an adult (essentially two people for $14)
  • $4 more if party guests want to do POP and LSSC
    (for a TOTAL of $18 for a child and adult)

  • For each additional chaperone, add $9.
  • Enjoy all-day admission to Louisiana’s Science and Space Center AND
    Power of Play (POP) Children’s Museum for an additional $40.
  • All parties must be PAID IN FULL prior to scheduling.

Optional Upgrades:

  • All upgrades must be booked no later than one week prior to event.
  • Interested in an “Add-On” activity that isn't suggested for the theme you have chosen? Any “Add-On” may be added to the theme you have chosen.
  • Add the treat of an IMAX film! Choose one of the currently showing films for only $6 per person.
  • Embroidered Sci-Port Children’s Lab Coats are available for $25 each.
  • Have a special request? Just ask!
  • All applicable sales tax will be charged in addition to the above listed fees.

Birthday Themes:

Building Blocks Birthday Party - Ages 5 and up
Party guests will become medieval castle engineers using a set of building bricks to construct a castle tower for a tower challenge! Guests will also build a mini catapult they will get to keep and take turns firing at the castles.
Ages 4 and under
Building Block Painting and Bean bag toss game
Add - LEGO® 3D printed block $50 (covers 10 kids), $5 per child over initial 10.

Tropical Rainforest Party - All Ages
Safari through Sci-Port Discovery Center’s Exploration and Red River galleries on a hunt for our tropical animals! Make a rainstick and learn how you too can change the weather with just a shake!
Add - Plush Snakes or Frogs for $40 (covers 10 kids), $4 per child over initial 10.

Digging for Dinos Party - All Ages
Are you ready for a blast from the past? Become a paleontologist, and dig for gems, dinosaurs and maybe even a shark tooth fossil. Party guests will make their own fossil and have fun erupting a volcano!

Add make a shark tooth necklace for $30 (covers 10 kids), $3 per child over initial 10.

E = mc FUN - Ages 5 and up
Energize your mad scientist! Party goers will experience the wonders of electricity, featuring our mad scientist’s Van de Graaff generator. The party isn’t over until your hair is standing on end…no, really! Guests will make "atomic" glow-in-the-dark slime and create their own glow-in-the-dark potion to take home in a test tube!
Add paper lab coats for kids for $30 (covers 10 kids), $3 per child over initial 10.

Let It Freeze Party - All Ages
Party goers will have a freezing good time building a snowman with instant snow and creating shimmering glacier gloop. Plus, be treated to snow cream in the form of Sci-Port's liquid nitrogen ice cream!
Special Add On: Sci-Port’s Ice Princess will attend your child’s party for an additional $100 (must be booked two weeks in advance)

Monster Birthday Party - 5 and up
Come get your scare on! Guests will extract monster live DNA from a strawberry and take it home in a wearable DNA necklace. Guests will also become mad scientists and create glow-in-the-dark monster slime.
4 and under - Party goers will make monster slime as well as play in our very own monster sensory bin!
Add - Small plush monster toy for $50 (covers 10 children) $5 per child over initial 10

Pirate Adventure - All Ages
Arrrggg, Matey! Get ready to walk the plank with this fun-filled birthday party! Each guest makes their own customizable pirate hat, receives a pirate eye patch, and gets to fire gas-powered mini cannons to sink a ship and collect the loot!
Add pirate bandanas for $30 (covers 10 kids), $3 per child over initial 10.

Robotics Birthday Party
- Ages 8 and up
Robo birthday featuring LEGO® EV3 Robotics (Ages 8 and up). It’s survival of the fittest with Sci-Port’s Robo Party! Party goers will battle it out in Sumo Robot Wrestling! Parties 12 & up have the option to program our LEGO® EV3™ robots to follow the mission of getting the robots from mid-space back to earth.

Science Under The Big Top - All Ages
Come one. Come all! This party includes everything from hand and face painting, a bean bag toss game, and a silly science experiment! Plan to take home an inflated circus animal!
Add - Party guests can make sand art in a bottle in replace of hand and face art.

Space Jam - All ages
This is a high energy dance party! First, party goers make galaxy slime which they get to take home . The party then moves to our Sawyer Space Dome Planetarium where guests enjoy a private dance floor! Shall we dance? NOTE: Please bring your own CD or MP3 player for music, no explicit lyrics.
Add - glow-in-the-dark face/body paint for $30 (covers 10 kids), $3 per child over initial 10.

ARTronics - 5 and Under
Tiny tots will get to make their very own scribble bot with the help of staff and hang their artwork on the walls inside POP! Then guests will get to play in POP for 15 minutes and then return to the party area for a screaming good time making Sci-Port’s very own LN2 ice cream.
Add - Party guests can take home their scribble bots for $30

Under the Sea - 5 and up
Guests will come face to face with preserved sea creature specimens including a real shark, seahorse and octopus. Guests will also create a shell necklace and make an ocean in a bottle that they get to keep as a souvenir.
Add - sand art in a bottle for $40 (covers 10 kids), $4 per child over initial 10 or make a shark tooth necklace for $30 (covers 10 kids), $3 per child over initial 10.

Didn’t find the perfect theme for your birthday girl or boy? We customize party themes for a $25 fee.




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