Attention Daycares, Sci-Port has cool science for these hot days!

Summer Fieldtrips to Sci-Port

Sci-Port has summer programming just for you! So, in an effort to create an educational experience for you and
your group, Sci-Port
has several programs available to enhance your experience. The programs have been
selected to allow you and your group the
opportunity to participate in more then just our exhibits. 

Please Note:If you have not scheduled a fieldtrip and pre-registered for a hands-on floor program for your visit,
you will be unable
to attend our public, hands-on floor programs due to space availability reserved for our
general visitors. This is why we’re providing
you your own unique programming and strongly encouraging you
to pre-register your visit. Space Dome Planetarium Shows and
general public Demonstrations are open to all.
Available programs are listed in the grid and last 30 minutes.

3, 2, 1 Blast Off 8-12 yrs  Create your own chemical reaction and launch a rocket! 
Bang, Crackle, Fizz!  3-7 yrs  Observe chemical reactions and discover combinations that go “Bang,  Crackle & Fizz”!
Creature Corner  3-7 yrs    Discover Sci-Port’s animal ambassadors.
Edible Blood  6-12 yrs  Make some blood that you can eat.
Genetic Bracelets  10-12 yrs   Learn about the little things that make you who you are.
Incredible Journey  8-12 yrs   Follow a drop of water thru the water cycle and make a bracelet to remember the journey.
Making Scents  5-7 yrs   Have fun making “scents” of smell.
Ooey, Gooey, Gloop  5-12 yrs   Mix up a playful polymer.
 Parachuting Egg Drop 8-12 yrs   Can you parachute your egg to safety?
 Planetary Bracelets 8-12 yrs  Make an “out of this world” bracelet.
 Recycled Paper Pots 8-12 yrs  Stop by and make your own transplantable flower pot.
 Shocking Science 8-12 yrs  Experience Static Electricity and have a “hair-raising” experience!
 Silly Snakes 5-7 yrs   Create your own patterned snake.
 Skulls and Furs 3-7 yrs   Identify skulls and skins of native animals! 
 Vibration Station 8-12 yrs   Learn what causes sounds and make a musical instrument to take home!
 Stuffee's Lunchbox 3-7 yrs   Get the “inside story” on your digestive system using our 7 foot friend.
 Terrific Teeth 7-9 yrs   Learn about your teeth and how to take care of them.
 That Spine of Mine 8-12 yrs   Learn about vertebrates and meet a reptile!
 Whirly Birds 8-12 yrs   Make and fly your own whirly bird.


Pricing structure for admission to LSSC/POP.

  1. School Group Rate of $6 per student and one chaperone free for every five students. All chaperones pay a rate of $4 each. This groups rate covers admission to LSSC but does not cover admission to the POP, also at Sci-Port Discovery Center.
    • Daycares may choose to add on admission to an IMAX Dome Theatre film for $3 per child/chaperone.
    • A scheduled, one-hour admission to the POP may also be added  for children 8 years of age and under.
      That admission rate is also $3 per child.
  2. Or, purchase a Daycare Summer Fieldtrip Membership! The membership is perfect for groups that plan to visit more than once this summer!
    This membership includes:

    • A one time cost of $12 per student (minimum of 15 students)
    • Unlimited entry for all enrolled students to LSSC, Monday-Friday through Friday, August 4.
      Students in excess of the number on the membership pay $9 each.
    • Free admission for all teachers and for one chaperone per five students to all the discovery galleries in LSSC.
      Chaperones in excess of the 1:5 ratio pay $4 each for admission to Sci-Port.
    • Member Daycares may choose to add on admission to an IMAX Dome Theatre film for a reduced rate of $2 per child/chaperone.
    • A scheduled, one-hour admission to the POP may also be added for children 8 years of age and under.
      That admission rate is also reduced to $2 per child.

Call our Registrar at (318) 424-8660 to book your fieldtrip!




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